Updated Paysheets Available
**UPDATE - There is now an updated version that will calculate the travel reimbursements automatically.
You will find current(2020) Paysheets available in our Forms and Manuals Area.  
Download now for invoice submission.
You will find the school contacts, to send invoices to, in our secured umpires only area.
You will also find a link to the UIL Metro Mileage Calculator

2020 Season is Here
Ensure you have paid your dues, Taken and passed the test and completed the Online Clinic if you want to be scheduled games
If anyone knows of someone that would like to join our group, please send Steve an email with contact information so he can reach out and try to get them involved.
Please, please, PLEASE make every attempt to attend every meeting.  This is the only way for our membership to continue to improve.  Meetings will include rules discussions, mechanics instructions, situational discussions, and an overall familiarity with umpiring.  If you are unable to attend, please let Clarence know, along with your reason, and the board will make the decision as to whether or not it will be excused.  

Rules books are available for all members, and case books for new members.  These will be available to everyone who has paid their TASO dues. Clarence will have a list of those who have done so.

We are anxious to see everyone again and look forward to a successful season!


 Invoices and School Contacts list

Our Area and Chapter have adopted the UIL Flat Fee and Travel Reibursement plan. Please use the new invoice submission sheets found here.
Note: TAPPS appears to be using the same pay scale. TAPPS paysheets can be found here
The school contact list for invoice submission is available in the Umpires only area.

 Arbiter Blocks and Arbiter Pay
GET Into ARBITER AND SET YOUR BLOCKS. If you need help, let Adam know.
Many schools we service use Arbiterpay so if you don’t have that set up, do so now. If you don’t know how, email me or call me. Meeting schedules are published to the right
Adam Dunlap West Texas Chapter Secretary/Treasurer 432-853-8225

 Mechanics Training
You can find the 2, 3 and 4 man mechanics training videos in the Forms and Training area

 Field Location Maps
You will now find  field location maps under the Home menu for most of the schools we call.  Let me know if I missed any.  

 Base Running Responsibilities


Points of Emphasis and Case Studies
Visit the points of emphasis section for recent rules clarifications and the case studies section for interesting play scenarios and situations.

Free westtexasumpires.com mailboxes or mail alias’ available
Free mailboxes or pass through address alias’ are available to all current West Texas Umpires.   Your mail address will be firstname.lastname@westtexasumpires.com.  
Option 1:  Full featured web based mailbox.  You can receive and send from the westtexasumpires.com domain.    You have your choice of browser based mail clients or can link to your own SMPT/POP server.  Mail is accessed from menu above. 
Option 2:  Mail alias.  Allows receive function only to the westtexasumpires.com domain.  Mail will automatically forward to your specified personal email account.  Good for if you want to publish an email with the WTU domain, but don’t want to maintain multiple mailboxes.
If you would like a westtexasumpires.com email box or alias, contact the site admin using the contacts link above or email siteadmin@westtexasumpires.com. Specify which option, first.last name you would like used and include your forwarding address for alias’
Meeting Schedule
Meetings will begin at 7:00 pm.
Mar 18
Apr 8   - 3 Man Mechanics
Apr 22 - 4 Man Mechanics
May 6 - Nominations
May 20 - Play Offs & Mechanics Make up
May 27 - Elections
All meetings will be at Midland College in the Davidson Family Health Center Room 101
Fort Stockton, Big Spring, Lamesa  Members attend via MC Video Conference
Maps Attached:  Midland College Maps
Chapter Secratary:
Clarence Sisemore
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