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Speedy Tuesday - White Dial Speedmaster Professionals From which to chooseUnlike the Rolex Daytona, where it is extremely present with select one coming from a white dial or perhaps a black dial, the Speedmaster Professional comes with a black dial. Most likely, that is certainly. There are numerous limited and numbered editions with the past where Omega decided to work with a white dial instead for your Professional. In all other cases, you have to request for Speedmaster appliances do no remain in the Professional series (or undoubtedly are a 'Moonwatch') if you wish to possess a white dial.On this article, I want to give you an overview of white dial Speedmaster Professional models rolex submariner cost watches . Let me you must do nevertheless the most amazing white dial version - in my opinion - will be the one which they never produced, a prototype Apollo XIII. replica watches However, there are more white dial Speedmaster Professional models that are worth checking-out or considering, for anyone who is on the market to incorporate another Speedmaster to your collection. Many of the models mentioned in the following paragraphs have - officially - a silver or perhaps a white gold or platinum dial, however decided to include them anyway.White Dial Speedmaster Moonphase ModelsPerhaps the commonest white dial Speedmaster Professional models are the type that Omega did between 1999 and 2005, the Moonphase models (all with caliber 1866 movement). In 1999, Omega introduced the Speedmaster Professional Moonphase in 18ct white gold. It was unnumbered and unofficially it marked the 30th anniversary of the Apollo XI Moon landing, but there wasn't any specific mention concerning this anywhere. The white gold Speedmaster Pro Moonphase had reference number 3689.30 and came on the leather strap. Somewhat more affordable was the stainless-steel version that Omega introduced in 2000. It was actually using the Speedmaster '57 Replica (reference 3594.50), using its Broad Arrow hands and white gold bezel, nevertheless Moonphase model had 'Professional' around the dial as well. It had been easily obtainable in two flavours, one with blue hands (reference 3575.20) then one with silver hands ( reference 3575.30), below a picture on the first reference. You may still find these stainless-steel white dial Speedmaster Professional Moonphases for relatively low funds on Chrono24 or eBay.white dial Speedmaster Professional Moonphase reference 3575.20White Dial Speedmaster Professional Models in GoldOmega also produced a few cheap summer dresses white gold Speedmaster Professional models, with white gold or platinum dials. The first one has been available since 1980, also called as 'Stafford Speedmaster' in 18ct gold. There was not many easily obtainable in white gold or platinum, either with white gold bracelet or with a leather strap. It turned out the primary Speedmaster series with sapphire caseback and luxury finished movement, caliber 861L. The dial is not truly white, but - as i have said - made of white gold. It's a numbered edition to the Apollo XI anniversary and you will find only 20 ones produced.Reference BC345.0802, image from OmegaForums.netA couple of years later, in 1994, Omega again released a white gold or platinum version to commemorate the Apollo XI Moon landing. This time around, the dial was more silvery coupled with silver colored hands rather than black. Only 500 pieces were made due to this limited edition model. An intriguing detail are these claims particular model (reference 3192.30) was included with a caliber 864 movement. This can be the chronometer rated version - and rhodium plated - from the caliber 861/863 movement. More details on this white dial Speedmaster Professional 3192.30 could be read here.Speedmaster Professional Apollo XI white goldWhite Dial Speedmaster Professional Apollo XI and MitsukoshiOK, not entirely a white dial Speedmaster but it'll do. These replica watches with white dials and black sub dials will often be known as 'Panda' for self-evident reasons. In 2003, Omega introduced the Speedmaster Pro reference 3570. replica hottest watches for men 31 with white dial and black sub dials inside a production run of just 300 pieces for your Japanese (Tokyo) variety store called Mitsukoshi. A year later, in 2004, Omega invented this Apollo XI 35th Anniversary edition - restricted to 3500 pieces only - using an almost identical dial. There seemed to be a lively trade spare dials in the Mitsukoshi on eBay at some time, so people will make their own 'version' in conjunction with the silvered set of hands, but the original 2003 model just 300 pieces is long had sell outs so you rarely run into one available for sale. The Apollo XI 35th anniversary edition Speedmaster Professional reference 3569.31 is for sale from time to time on eBay, Chrono24 or during auctions. Price is above 鈧?000 Euro currently.Speedmaster Professional Apollo XI 'Panda'White Dial Speedmaster Professional Alaska ProjectOne in the newer white dial Speedmaster Professional replica watches are these claims Alaska Project reference 311.32.42. 30.04.001. Restricted to 1970 models and came in a particular box with extra long white strap and a red aluminum case. It means on the list of prototype Alaska project replica watches that Omega created in 1970 for NASA, a watch which was more resistance against extreme modifications in temperature compared to version NASA had been using till then. NASA not used at all these white dial models thereby they were trapped in their archives. There are a couple of versions displayed in the museum these days (see more at our Omega museum photo report). In 2008, Omega introduced this white dial version even though not highly sought after during its introduction (we were holding with dealers and boutique for many years after), it might be tougher to discover one these days for their popularity increased. There is currently merely one available on Chrono24, above 鈧?000 Euro.Speedmaster Professional Alaska Project, limited by 1970 pieces. Photo by Christopher Beccan/Bexsonn.comWhite Dial Speedmaster Professional Watches For Germany and ItalySome countries have all the luck and possess Speedmaster replica watches created specifically for these markets. Italy and Germany are some of the countries with a lot of 'special deliveries' because of their market. At least one is that this white dial Speedmaster that goes back for the 1980s. Little is famous regarding it, which is unnumbered and Moonwatch Only mentions (we've heard this story likewise from your Omega Museum) rrt had been done per request by way of a German retailer/distributor. The caseback has DD 145.0022 engraved, a reference that was more reguarily useful for bi-color models. This kind of German market Speedmaster incorporates a white dial with gold accents in addition to a gold bezel. We covered this type of watch in great detail in this posting here.Another interesting country-specific model would be the 1997 reference 3593.20 Speedmaster Professional with white dial. A numbered group of 500 pieces only, for the Italian market. This bianco Italiano is really a rare find. Our friends on the Roy & Sacha Davidoff boutique in Geneve showed one recently, see below. It had been introduced as being a 40th anniversary style of the Speedmaster (1957 - 1997) and had the sapphire caseback that unveils the caliber 1863 movement.Speedmaster Bianco Italiano - Photo by Sacha DavidoffWhite Dial Speedmaster Silver Snoopy AwardLast yet not least and possibly one of the most pointed out modern Speedmaster of not too long ago may be the Silver Snoopy Award model with white dial and enamel caseback with silver Snoopy medallion. It was had sell outs before it hit price range and market prices currently go up to 鈧?5.000 Euro. Which is not merely what's being asked, it is also what's being paid currently. The sad part is always that plenty of retailers and boutiques delivered it to gray market dealers and others needing to create a quick buck, while real collectors weren't even able to order one at market price (including our own team). Long waiting lists are nevertheless not fulfilled yet, rumor can it be is going to take to June to get all 1970 pieces delivered. This Speedmaster Professional reference 311. is discussed and reviewed at length here.Omega Speedmaster Apollo 13 Silver Snoopy AwardWhat is the favorite white dial Speedmaster Professional? Should Omega develop a regular white dial version of the Speedmaster Professional to possess within their collection you would imagine Contact us, leave a remark below.As a result of Christopher Beccan of Bexsonn.com for the masthead image.