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Speedy Tuesday - Speedmaster Schumacher YellowOmega Speedmaster SchumacherIt's Speedy Tuesday! This week's topic will be the yellow Speedmaster 'Schumacher'. Omega introduced the Speedmaster 'Schumacher' in 1996 and it was being made till 1999.Perhaps you might know, the Speedmaster was originally introduced as being a watch for race car drivers. Or wannabe race car drivers. The initial Speedmaster advertisements were also talking about this, as can be seen below:The Speedmaster Schumacher (case number ST175.0032 or ref.3810.12 fake watches .40) was - of course - being designed by their (then) ambassador, Michael Schumacher. His brother - plus F1 car racer - Ralf Schumacher has also been an Omega ambassador at that time. Down the road, Omega introduced another Speedmaster which was an authentic 'Schumacher'-edition, together with his signature engraved about the back. Essentially, this Speedmaster contains the case and movement of the Speedmaster Reduced, though a new dial as well as set of hands. Also, the strap is matching with the hue of the dial. Omega released this Speedmaster Schumacher in red, yellow and blue. The watch has also been on a stainless-steel bracelet (ref. 1469/811).The blue version was re-released in 1997 like a exclusive edition for that Championship Auto Racing Teams (CART) using a small CART logo on 6 o'clock plus a CART logo about the box.The therapy lamp on the Speedmaster Schumacher was something really special. It resembled the wheels of a racing car that you just needed to proceed to the sides to acquire the watch out (see animation below). From the until this box was highly appreciated amongst enthusiasts and collectors of Speedmasters. Nowadays, most of the boxes are essentially precisely the same aside from some special Speedmaster replica watches.These coloured Speedmasters weren't any limited or special editions (excluding these CART edition) and didn't consist of any numbers engraved. Really the only number engraved involved back is the serial number.Inside, Omega used an altered ETA 2890-02 movement with a Dubois-Depraz caliber 2020 chronograph module included with it Swiss Rolex replicas watches . This actually also explains why the winding crown and chronograph pushers are certainly not aligned replica neighborhood watch signs . Omega renamed this movement to caliber 1141.You can find these replica watches inside the pre-owned market nowadays, for attractive prices. Although we do not think this can be a substantially sought-after collectors item, you may need at least one with the coloured editions if you're a Speedmaster collector!The watch featured here was give loan to us by Frank - friend from the show - and then he chose to put this watch on the market. Please contact us if you're interested.More interesting facts about the Speedmaster Schumacher series!For quick Tuesday, we have been always around the look-out for interesting Speedies. Rare models , Speedmasters having a story, your very own story or vintage models. Please keep sending these to us! replica buy omega watches online
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